Kids from America Are People Too!

Kids in America up for adoption often get overlooked. They are often older. Too many undesirable. So people adopt babies from overseas or wait years on waiting lists to adopt. Why are these kids so undesirable? Its because many come with scars. Pain that comes from their life before they were adopted. Many weren't given up. Many were taken away. They have no family, no home. Why should these kids be overlooked? They are just as precious as another child, and in some ways, need more help than other children. Babies in America get snatched up quickly and easily. I highly doubt there will every be too many American babies "up for grabs". Babies always go first.

My parents were awesome. They took in kids that were either older, or had physical handicaps. My eldest brother and I were older when we were adopted, and my older but younger than oldest brother was born with hydrocephalus. Most people wouldn't have touched us with a 10 foot pole. We could be damaged, for goodness sake!

Damaged? I ask you this. Aren't we supposed to help the people who are in worse situations than us? Aren't we supposed to help the damaged, the poor, the disabled? If altruism is looked at so favorably in our society, why do some kids sit for years in foster care without families? Wards of the state, homeless, often in bad placements. Babies happen all the time. The older kids need homes too.

There will always be babies oversees to adopt. There will always be people having babies. There are kids that truly need the love and affection that they may not have ever had.

Sure, these kids might be harder emotionally, physically, behaviorally. But does hard equate bad? Not necessarily. I was a good student. I graduated in the top of my class, I tutored many kids who needed help. I have volunteered at hospitals and nursing homes. Yes, I may not be your average 24-year-old, however, diversity is something that makes this world awesome. Without it it would be boring. If everyone was the same and everything was good would there be a point to living? You wouldn't learn anything because there would be nothing to learn.

It makes me sad that there are kids that spend tons of years in foster homes, only to be released when they turn 18, and they get in trouble. Because they aren't given what they need to shine. They need families and love. Yes, people can shine without family. But parents, aunts, uncles, siblings help a person to grow and relate to people. The first people you learn from are your family. If you have nobody that will always care about you, why should you try? A lot of kids in the foster care system get lost. They don't escape the abuse even while in the foster care system. There are bad foster parents. The system needs work. These kids need homes.

Before you have 5 children of your own, maybe look at the kids that are living on this earth that don't have anybody.

Could you be their knight in shining armor? Could you be their hero? Or someone who will care enough to help them through their trials and tribulations?

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