People Secretly Want to Be like Someone Else

Have you ever noticed how quickly people are to jump up and want what someone else has? Or they want to be like someone else. Usually it is someone who is famous or rich.

What is that great need to be like someone else or to want what the other person has? I started thinking about this recently because everywhere I looked I started seeing the beautiful ring that is for sale. You know the one; the one Princess Diana wore and the one that Kate Middleton will be wearing when she marries Prince William.

Ever since the news of the Royal engagement of Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton is set to be married to the Royal Prince William, on April29, 2011, at Westminster Abby, the rings have gone on sale everywhere.

The beautiful and special ring is a lovely replica of the ring that Princess Diana wore. Who would not want that ring. It would be a reminder every day of a woman loved by all who lost her life too soon. She received the ring thirty years ago as an engagement ring. Women all over the world want to be seen wearing one just like it thinking maybe they will feel just a little of the magic that they think that kind of life brings. I am afraid that most of us do not take time to think of all the responsibility that comes with the titles. It isn't all fun and magic.

Whether it is the glamorous lifestyle or the magic of it all, you can get the ring for merely 19.90. Naturally for that price, you will not be getting real gold but no one will know that unless they, too, have one. Then it doesn't matter. I am sure it is only the well known names attached to this particular ring that makes it so popular. But still, we cannot resist.

The company, Sterling ton Collections are making this available. A 3.0 carats oval cut, faucet-ed faux Ceylon Sapphire. Fourteen oval diamonds. This is layered in sterling silver or deluxe to platinum plate. And that is for just another 10.00. These rings are selling like gold on television and from magazines. And they come with a hinged jewelry box. If bought from television.

I am sure that the main reason for the high sales is that everyone loved Princess Diana so much and they love her children. That is the way it will always be. That is the nature of our world.

So, go ahead. You know you want to. Jump on that band wagon and order you one of those beautiful sapphire rings. You are promised a money back guarantee. But more than that; you will forever have a reminder of one of the most loved women in the world. A woman who gave more of herself to help others in her short life than anyone else in history.

source:Patricia Burke

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