Do the American People Need a Spanking?

Perhaps a spanking will get the public's collective temper tantrum under control. We seem to have become a people who embrace the defiance and rebelliousness of the sixties, but have disregarded the love. What's going on? I know, peace and love and kumbaya and all that stuff. Believe it or not, this is truly part of who I am and how my belief system works. However, I am also realistic enough to understand that people will not always agree or even attempt to understand and empathize with the other person's perspective.

The selfish unyielding of the ideals of most people these days seem to be more directed towards personal agenda than necessity and improvement. One hears the words of Mick Jagger " You can't always get what you want…get what you need…" What is all the hubbub? Does anyone truly believe that it is possible or even beneficial to have all of their individual desires catered to? Where is the brotherly love? Most people, whether they have a spiritual belief system or not can see the benefit of living according to the "golden rule". Do unto others as you would have done to you. Sadly, we instead find ourselves in the midst of a society which seems to have an attitude more of "I got mine" and "get them before they get you".

The irony here is that a handful of people who posses a great deal of power and control have the masses fighting their fight for them. How is your quality of life today? How is your health and what is your perspective on hope for the future? Let us not forget that a house divided can not stand! This is a fact that our leaders are well aware of. Yet, we are intentionally set against each other like dogs in a fight. Is this for our collective benefit? The polls say NO!

Big business bail outs, a fallen housing market and dying economy, special interest groups, lobbyists, lawyers, civil disobedience, racism, unjustified accusations of racism, millions of gallons of oil sitting in the Gulf of Mexico, and the acceptance of and excuse making for unlawful activity has left the majority of the nation feeling overwhelmed and in many cases more than a bit angry.

Have we become nothing more than a nation of excuse making co-dependents? With all due respect to the president of the United States, Mr. Obama has a job to do at present which is being ignored. It is time to get in touch with the experiences of a nation which is deep in despair and has become disheartened over the current state of life in this country. It is time to release the pressure valve in order that people may depressurize and catch their breath.

My personal belief is that only God himself can bring about true peace, security, and brotherly love throughout the land. In the mean time, one only hopes that people can understand that helping others, looking out for the interests of all people, obeying the law, and acting in love and common interest, is truly beneficial to all people.

The lack of any kindness, the childish name calling, and the diversion from any and every pertinent issue is much what might be expected from an unregulated child. Perhaps a spanking is in order for the American people!

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