The Psychology Behind Why Abused Women Stay with Their Partners

Why do Montreal women and women in the rest of Canada and the USA stay in abusive relationships?

You love the man and cannot imagine what it would be like to be without him. You are afraid to leave. Oftentimes these men hold power on these women by threatening to kill them if they leave. You feel you have nowhere to go and do not know how you can survive on you own or with your children. The fear of the unknown is our worst enemy. You don't know where to turn to get help

Note: There are women shelters and many websites that can help you through this transitional period please take advantage of the wonderful services available to you. Reach out – don't be afraid there are people who are standing by to help you. Your first major step may be to simply tell a family member, friend, pastor, teacher, doctor, anybody you feel comfortable with.You are afraid of what people will think of you

Note: This Montreal Mental Health examiner's friend's mother was abused for years, she took it in stride. When my friend was in her 40's and her father came home and beat her mother because he didn't like the taste of the spaghetti sauce, my friend asked her why she was taking this abuse all these years. Her mother's answer was, "he is my husband, I cannot leave, what will the neighbours think?"
He is my husband I married for better or for worse.

All women please understand that you didn't get married to be abused or even killed. Get out! That is the only logical thing to do to stay alive.
You don't believe in divorce

Note: Okay so don't believe in. Then don't get divorced, but don't live in the same house with this abuser who is hurting you.

To be continued


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