Wolf Cuisine in Los Angeles, California

Wolf Cuisine in Los Angeles makes life very easy for the foodie and or budding chef, or work from home person who dreams of a few minutes to step out and enjoy fine fresh cuisine – but why bother when someone will bring it to you? The brainchild behind the business concept at Wolf Cuisine, who will make your dream come true, is Chef Phillip Lee and partner Sylvain Allard, who will both not only see to it that you receive exquisite food and service but will also insure you will definitely want a repeat performance.

In this economy with everyone trying to save but still wanting the finer things of life, the concept available from Wolf Cuisine is an excellent one indeed. In the comfort of home you can enjoy a tasting menu created to ensure you have an excellent dining experience while enjoying the creative fruits of the labor of the team of chefs at Wolf Cuisine in LA.

So, how exact does this work? Wolf Cuisine clearly has the high-end delivery service down to a fine science as every month the head chef Phillip Lee and this team of sous chefs create a new tasting menu made up of ten courses. Expect fresh seasonal items in addition to extremely creative and delicious dishes.

To partake in the joy of enjoying a tasting menu at home, clients of Wolf Cuisine call in the order request a week ahead of time which can be for up to eight guests. The meal service is delivered to the client a few hours prior to the serving of the meal. What is really cool is that Chef Lee includes presentation instructions in addition to hints on eating certain items such as foie gras. Definitely a more than fabulous concept the unique high-end version of fine food on wheels is approximately $200 per person but worth every penny particularly for special occasions and making a lasting impression.


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