People of Iran – Doing What Americans Should Have Done in 2000?

The election in Iran was pitched as reformer against hardliner, the future against the past. Although little might have changed if the "reformer" Mir Hossein Mousavi defeated "hardliner" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, so much could have changed.

The presidency of Iran isn't as powerful as many think, with ultimate power being held by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The cleric holds power to overrule the president whenever he sees fit, and to guide him to the policies Khamenei deems important. Still, the president of Iran holds a big spot on the world stage, and has power to address issues, as long as he remains in context with the clerics.

But with the results of the presidential election looking very suspect and the people hitting the streets in protests, at least a chance of a re-vote exists. The decision may come as soon as Friday. If that happens, or even if a lesser accommodation is made, the point is clear. The clerics who have long dominated Iranian politics have to address change.

The majority of Iranians don't want to fall into the mold made for them by FOX News and conservatives in America. They don't want to be political pariahs. They want to engage the west, especially America. And they are willing to take to the streets to keep away from that. They want change at home too, like more equality for women.
Will they get what they want? Probably not right away, but big steps have been taken. And the Iranian people join the ranks of other birthing democracy movements like the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in showing the power of people in mass.

It's a lesson we here in America need to re-learn. The power of protest ended the Vietnam War. The power of protest propelled the civil rights movement. The power of protest gave us labor laws, gave women the right to vote, and ended slavery. It can bring change again.

We have it easy here – with some notable exceptions, protesters in America aren't in danger of losing life and limb these days. We can march and then go home at night in relative safety. The Iranians hitting the streets have more in common with civil rights marchers in the 60s then with the challenges America faces today. So I have to ask – where are America's protesters?

Sure, we have the tea bag movement, but it's ill-defined and even less informed. We had marches against the war in Iraq, but not big enough. What would have happened if millions of Americans would have been out in the streets for days after George Bush was allowed to steal the presidency in 2000? What if America (or at least Florida) was forced into a new vote? How much damage to the country could have been avoided?

Or what about health care? Polls show a big majority of Americans favor single payer health care, and even more favor at least a public option. Still, big money interests are dimming the chances …

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What About Our American People?

What about our American people?

America, this is the home of the free and the brave, and endless opportunities.

That’s why so many around the world want to live here. I admit we do have it nice here compared to a lot of countries. But what about the people that are already citizens here? that were born and raised.

It just seems that American citizens struggle to survive in this country. The average joe in America struggles to live, and it just seems that there isn’t a lot of help out there for us middle class, and low income Americans.

Americans either make a little too much money, or not enough to get any kind of assistance. Americans work like dogs to make a little bit of money so they can take care of their families, and just plain survive. And in all fairness it’s really not fair at all.

Immigrants come to this country for freedom, and lots of opportunities, and that is great. But sometimes it’s unfair to the citizens of America, because it sometimes just seems like they have more opportunities than we sometimes do, some of them live a better life than us as Americans.

It seems that America is the land of opportunity for everyone else, but Americans. Many people believe that America focuses on everything they can do in the world, for everyone else, it just seems we as Americans are a little left out sometimes.

Some Americans may or may not agree with the way this country is, and that is fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I guess that’s one great thing about America, Freedom Of Speech. Don’t misunderstand me when I say we have a wonderful and caring country at times, I just wish America could focus a little more on the people who are entitled to the same, as the ones who we welcome to America.

Credit in this country is another problem. More people in America seem to have poor credit rather than good, and this makes it really hard for us to live because everything in this country is based on creditworthiness . More Americans are going into debt because they can’t make enough money to pay their bills, and it’s sad to see so many people struggle. And once you ruin your credit, it seems to ruin your life.

Trying to get a loan once you’ve had a few credit problems in the past is nearly impossible. And if you do succeed in that loan, be ready to pay a lot of interest. I don’t understand why a financial institution would want to make some ones interest so high when they have bad credit.

If you’ve had problems in the past why would they want to make it so hard for you to succeed .It’s just not fair to the American people who want a second chance to better their lives. America needs to start thinking about these people that are left out. No …

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What People Look for in a Church

When a visitor comes to your church you want to make a good impression and hopefully get those visitors to come back for a second visit. If your church is looking to grow, and get new members, here are some things visitors are looking for in your church.

Friendliness – Smile. Shake visitors hands. Introduce yourself. Ask if it's their first time visiting. Ask if they live in the area. Invite them to go out to eat with you and your family after services or to come back for a pot luck that's scheduled for next week.

Some churches take visitor information on Sunday morning, and then deliver muffins or banana bread to their homes later in the week. This is a great way to let people know you really do care.

The Bathrooms – I recommend putting up signs near the main entrance so that the bathrooms are easy to fin. Is there only one stall and a long line? Are the bathrooms dirty or dingy? Spend a little money updating the bathrooms. Perhaps some of the women in the church could take down the out of date wall paper and paint the walls a fresh, clean looking color. Keep them well stocked with toilet paper, working hand dryers or plenty of paper towels, and trash cans with liners.

Childcare – Visitors with children will definitely want to know all about your nursery and children's programs. Do you perform background checks on the people working with children? What are your policies regarding children's workers? If a child misbehaves, what correction is given? Do you have to sign your child in and out or do you let anyone pick up children? It's nice to have all this information typed up and printed for visitors when they drop off their children so that they'll feel their children are safe at your church.

Other things to consider regarding childcare: Are the toys, cribs and swings in good working order? If anything is broken, get rid of it. Keep things clean and safe. Ask a volunteer to watch for safety recalls on all of your children's things.

Your Beliefs. Print a simple sheet with your church's doctrinal statement to give visitors with a welcome packet or print this information in the weekly bulletin. Do you believe the KJV is the only valid version of the Bible? How do you believe man is saved? What are your beliefs about the trinity?

Also, visitors will be asking themselves if your church is a cult. You may laugh, but if everyone dresses alike, does their hair alike, and all the children go to the same school, you're going to scare some people away.

Keep these simple things in mind to make your visitors feel welcome, and you're sure to turn visitors into members.…

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How to Lie to the American People

It isn't difficult, you make an false statement and it gets repeated, the repetition lends credibility.

Statement: When Clinton left Office we had a surplus of X, and now the federal debt is y.

Truth: The statement is true, but misleading. First off there was a "Budgetary Surplus" not an actual surplus of money at the end of the fiscal year, as such this "surplus" was projected, not real. Secondly the national debt has nothing to do with a budgetary surplus, but for the record; the national debt increased under b
Bill Clinton as it has increased under every president since the Eisenhower administration, as they were the last to decrease the debt.

The truth doesn't matter as long as the misleading statement is swallowed and repeated ad nauseam.

Today's news is that Hillary is actually ahead in the "popular vote"

Going into the Pennsylvania primary Barack Obama was up by well over 700,000 votes. Hillary Clinton is claiming that it's the popular vote that matters. Ok let's look at it.

After Clinton's "Landslide" [snicker] victory by 9.6% of registered Democrats. Obama is STILL up in the popular vote totals by 500,300 vote totals. That's not including (IA, ME, NV, WA, MI & FL)

Mrs. Clinton is claiming that she has a lead in the Popular vote. That's adding in Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Washington, Florida & Michigan.

First off let's explain something about those first four states IA, NV, WA & MI, these are caucus states! They don't vote per se, it's basically a straw poll. In Iowa people stand at local caucus locations and group together by candidate. they can then stand in "caucus" and try to persuade other caucus members to join their caucus. Only the two largest groups in the room are awarded delegates, and they are awarded those delegates proportionally by percentage of group size. There is no "popular vote total" because there was never a vote, there is merely the sum total of percentages by delegate district.

Ok if you add in the ESTIMATES (arrived at via polling data) for those four states we still have Obama ahead in the supposed popular vote +610,600. If you add to that the Florida vote….

First let's say something about Florida, The primary was voided early on in the process by the DNC as a reprisal for moving the state moving it's primary too early. They were warned, yet they moved in regardless. Both candidates' names were on the ballot in Florida. HOWEVER… Neither candidate campaigned in Florida (by agreement), BOTH candidates agreed to Florida's being not counted, and furthermore much of Florida's voters stayed home because they felt it didn't matter.

Ok, so what the hell, let's add in Florida, that decreases Obama's lead to +315,800

But what's this? We're forgetting about Michigan….

Here's the problem with The Great Lakes State. It's not the number of votes… It's the ballots stupid! Neither candidate campaigned there, Both candidates agreed to remove their names from the ballot, only Barack …

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Do the American People Need a Spanking?

Perhaps a spanking will get the public's collective temper tantrum under control. We seem to have become a people who embrace the defiance and rebelliousness of the sixties, but have disregarded the love. What's going on? I know, peace and love and kumbaya and all that stuff. Believe it or not, this is truly part of who I am and how my belief system works. However, I am also realistic enough to understand that people will not always agree or even attempt to understand and empathize with the other person's perspective.

The selfish unyielding of the ideals of most people these days seem to be more directed towards personal agenda than necessity and improvement. One hears the words of Mick Jagger " You can't always get what you want…get what you need…" What is all the hubbub? Does anyone truly believe that it is possible or even beneficial to have all of their individual desires catered to? Where is the brotherly love? Most people, whether they have a spiritual belief system or not can see the benefit of living according to the "golden rule". Do unto others as you would have done to you. Sadly, we instead find ourselves in the midst of a society which seems to have an attitude more of "I got mine" and "get them before they get you".

The irony here is that a handful of people who posses a great deal of power and control have the masses fighting their fight for them. How is your quality of life today? How is your health and what is your perspective on hope for the future? Let us not forget that a house divided can not stand! This is a fact that our leaders are well aware of. Yet, we are intentionally set against each other like dogs in a fight. Is this for our collective benefit? The polls say NO!

Big business bail outs, a fallen housing market and dying economy, special interest groups, lobbyists, lawyers, civil disobedience, racism, unjustified accusations of racism, millions of gallons of oil sitting in the Gulf of Mexico, and the acceptance of and excuse making for unlawful activity has left the majority of the nation feeling overwhelmed and in many cases more than a bit angry.

Have we become nothing more than a nation of excuse making co-dependents? With all due respect to the president of the United States, Mr. Obama has a job to do at present which is being ignored. It is time to get in touch with the experiences of a nation which is deep in despair and has become disheartened over the current state of life in this country. It is time to release the pressure valve in order that people may depressurize and catch their breath.

My personal belief is that only God himself can bring about true peace, security, and brotherly love throughout the land. In the mean time, one only hopes that people can understand that helping others, looking out for the …

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People Secretly Want to Be like Someone Else

Have you ever noticed how quickly people are to jump up and want what someone else has? Or they want to be like someone else. Usually it is someone who is famous or rich.

What is that great need to be like someone else or to want what the other person has? I started thinking about this recently because everywhere I looked I started seeing the beautiful ring that is for sale. You know the one; the one Princess Diana wore and the one that Kate Middleton will be wearing when she marries Prince William.

Ever since the news of the Royal engagement of Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton is set to be married to the Royal Prince William, on April29, 2011, at Westminster Abby, the rings have gone on sale everywhere.

The beautiful and special ring is a lovely replica of the ring that Princess Diana wore. Who would not want that ring. It would be a reminder every day of a woman loved by all who lost her life too soon. She received the ring thirty years ago as an engagement ring. Women all over the world want to be seen wearing one just like it thinking maybe they will feel just a little of the magic that they think that kind of life brings. I am afraid that most of us do not take time to think of all the responsibility that comes with the titles. It isn't all fun and magic.

Whether it is the glamorous lifestyle or the magic of it all, you can get the ring for merely 19.90. Naturally for that price, you will not be getting real gold but no one will know that unless they, too, have one. Then it doesn't matter. I am sure it is only the well known names attached to this particular ring that makes it so popular. But still, we cannot resist.

The company, Sterling ton Collections are making this available. A 3.0 carats oval cut, faucet-ed faux Ceylon Sapphire. Fourteen oval diamonds. This is layered in sterling silver or deluxe to platinum plate. And that is for just another 10.00. These rings are selling like gold on television and from magazines. And they come with a hinged jewelry box. If bought from television.

I am sure that the main reason for the high sales is that everyone loved Princess Diana so much and they love her children. That is the way it will always be. That is the nature of our world.

So, go ahead. You know you want to. Jump on that band wagon and order you one of those beautiful sapphire rings. You are promised a money back guarantee. But more than that; you will forever have a reminder of one of the most loved women in the world. A woman who gave more of herself to help others in her short life than anyone else in history.

source:Patricia Burke…

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Kids from America Are People Too!

Kids in America up for adoption often get overlooked. They are often older. Too many undesirable. So people adopt babies from overseas or wait years on waiting lists to adopt. Why are these kids so undesirable? Its because many come with scars. Pain that comes from their life before they were adopted. Many weren't given up. Many were taken away. They have no family, no home. Why should these kids be overlooked? They are just as precious as another child, and in some ways, need more help than other children. Babies in America get snatched up quickly and easily. I highly doubt there will every be too many American babies "up for grabs". Babies always go first.

My parents were awesome. They took in kids that were either older, or had physical handicaps. My eldest brother and I were older when we were adopted, and my older but younger than oldest brother was born with hydrocephalus. Most people wouldn't have touched us with a 10 foot pole. We could be damaged, for goodness sake!

Damaged? I ask you this. Aren't we supposed to help the people who are in worse situations than us? Aren't we supposed to help the damaged, the poor, the disabled? If altruism is looked at so favorably in our society, why do some kids sit for years in foster care without families? Wards of the state, homeless, often in bad placements. Babies happen all the time. The older kids need homes too.

There will always be babies oversees to adopt. There will always be people having babies. There are kids that truly need the love and affection that they may not have ever had.

Sure, these kids might be harder emotionally, physically, behaviorally. But does hard equate bad? Not necessarily. I was a good student. I graduated in the top of my class, I tutored many kids who needed help. I have volunteered at hospitals and nursing homes. Yes, I may not be your average 24-year-old, however, diversity is something that makes this world awesome. Without it it would be boring. If everyone was the same and everything was good would there be a point to living? You wouldn't learn anything because there would be nothing to learn.

It makes me sad that there are kids that spend tons of years in foster homes, only to be released when they turn 18, and they get in trouble. Because they aren't given what they need to shine. They need families and love. Yes, people can shine without family. But parents, aunts, uncles, siblings help a person to grow and relate to people. The first people you learn from are your family. If you have nobody that will always care about you, why should you try? A lot of kids in the foster care system get lost. They don't escape the abuse even while in the foster care system. There are bad foster parents. The system needs work. These kids need homes.

Before you have 5 children of …

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Psychology Author Suggests that Sometimes Optimism Can Lead People Astray

In a recent article in Psychology Today psychologist and author of 15 self-help books, Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., suggests that people with naturally optimistic personalities might occasionally find their sunny dispositions get them into trouble.

The thinking goes, she says, is that if you are a naturally optimistic person (she uses President Obama as an example), odds are, you deal with stressful situations in one of two ways; the first is by using emotional strength building techniques such as forcing yourself to look at the bright side, pushing the bad stuff out of your mind, or using calming techniques such as meditation. The other way is by assessing the situation and if possible, doing something to change things so that they are not so stressful.

The problem comes, she says, when the optimist encounters a problem that can't be solved through either method. In those cases, she says, research has shown that the optimist sort of dive bombs, unable to cope, and as such, in normal everyday situations, winds up making themselves sick. She cites a study where college students were subjected to stress and then their immune systems were tested to see how well their bodies were coping. Oddly enough, it was the so-called optimists who showed the biggest decrease, and thus became more susceptible to illness.

Most people have seen anecdotal evidence of such; someone in their life that is normally what most would call a happy-go-lucky optimist suddenly crashes under what others might see as a normal stress inducer. The difference is that the optimist continues to try to change an untenable situation, while those not of such a sunny disposition soon realize the futility of continuing to push for a solution and give up, or throw up their hands in defeat. After endlessly battling with an unsolvable problem, the optimist on the other hand, eventually caves, feeling lost, cold and defeated, leaving him vulnerable to illness and perhaps depression.

The solution, as Kraus sees it, is simple; make a list of rules for yourself, if indeed you are the optimistic kind. The rules let you know when to stop pursuing an unattainable goal, as simple as that. Of course, it's not as easy as all that, because if you are the kind of person that pursues a solution to a problem until you drop from exhaustion, then you're not likely the kind of person that will stop and pull out a list of rules you made for yourself for just such a situation.

More realistically, optimistic people maybe ought to just thank their lucky stars for their sunny dispositions, because when they are not busy trying to stamp out some horrible stress inducer, they are happier than the rest of us, so maybe it's best to just leave them be.…

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An Open Letter to Congress and the American People

America is in the worse state it has ever been. As a people we have been sitting on our apathy way to long and hiding our head in the sand. America is floundering and wallowing in its own bad choices. The American dream has turned into a nightmare.

It is time we woke up and stopped living our splintered lives and hiding behind our own special interest groups and as a people form a united front or we will not be the United States of America. I've done my share of thinking on this and I have some questions and a few suggestions.

First and foremost, it is high time we got back to basics back to the foundation this nation was founded on and took America and the situation we find our self in seriously. It is no laughing matter. America is dying a slow and agonizing death.

We need to remember our history and the price we have paid and take a lesson from other lands and peoples that are no more. If we will not learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it.

It is high time Congress got down to business and did their job, because you are not and you haven't been for a long time. Don't blame President Obama, stop blaming George Bush, Bill Clinton, and back and back and back. It is you, the congress who makes the final decision. You represent the American public. You work for us and you are not doing your job.

You are all behaving like a bunch of bullies on the playground. I have 0 tolerance for bullies. Congress is not working for the betterment of our nation and all this partisan bickering needs to stop, now. The majority of those serving right now are playing head games and feeding propaganda to the American people. You are a bunch of self-serving liars. We are reading you like a book and it is looking like some third rate novel. You are not representing us and our needs and desire to keep America strong and get America back on its feet.

Where is your American pride? Put the politics and all your perks and special interest, all your philandering, all your personal little agendas aside and do your job. Get down to the business of truly setting America back on its feet to recovery. We are a very sick nation.

We don't need bigger government. We need more common sense in running the government we have. It is going to be a very long journey but every journey begins with the first step, even if it is a little one, one step at a time.

Cut the pork. All of it. We can't afford it anymore. No more funding all these extra special interest programs, no more special handout and tax breaks for big business or your special friends or allowing yourself to be bought for a vote. Stop playing Judas. It doesn't say much about you …

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People and Culture in Communication: A Quick Guide to Sociolinguistics

We all bring our own types of communicating into a relationship. One example of this between a man and a woman may be in how we make plans and include one another.

Man: Do you want to go out to dinner tonight?
Woman: I don't know. What do you want to do?
Man: I thought you wanted to go.
Woman: I do! But what do you want to do?

In this scenario, the man is offering to take the woman out to dinner, perhaps wanting to please his wife. He is a bit surprised by her response.

She, in turn, wants to be sensitive to his desire and make sure that they both want the same thing. She seems indecisive to him and he seems to be shutting down to her. They are both communicating according to the styles they learned growing up in each of their own households.

One person might be direct, the other indirect. It can drive us all crazy! But by understanding how we each communicate as individuals, we can (hopefully) lend a more generous ear in truly hearing what the other person is saying or wants to say. In this case, it is simply offering and accepting an invitation to dinner. Such a simple conversation can escalate into a ruined evening if communication breaks down.

Let's look at another way of communicating that can lead to other extremes. It's pretty safe to say we've all been in a conversation where one person is speaking rather loudly. The receiver of the conversation notices and starts to speak softer and quieter in an effort to tone down the volume. Before long, it becomes an extreme battle as the louder of the two wants the other person to speak up, and vise versa.

The same thing happens non-verbally when it comes to personal space. Stand next to someone who requires a lot of personal space and you will see them back up to keep the distance between you comfortable. This is across the board in terms of culture. Americans tend to like more space between them, say, than Asians do. Culture, population, upbringing and sexual orientation all contribute to communication quirks, mishaps and misunderstandings, which take some adjusting.

Along these lines, an English as a Second Language teacher in China sent a student off with her film to be developed at a nearby camera shop. The teacher was appalled when she saw her student walking around campus distributing the pictures to all of her friends and classmates.

"But I didn't get to see them first!" exclaimed the teacher.

Her student could not understand the negative reaction in a pace where privacy is virtually non-existent and sharing is natural and expected. It's one way the Chinese build relationships. The American teacher saw and felt this as a violation of herself, her privacy and ultimately of the friendship with her student.

Communicating with one another is sometimes like living in a different culture, even if it is in our own …

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